Ways To Succeed In My Class

1) I expect each student to take notes and maintain their own notebook. There will be periodic notebook checks which will count for a classwork grade.
    A) If I repeat something, write it in your notes.
    B) If I write it on the smart board, write it in your notes.
    C) If I write it on the white board, write it in your notes.
    D) If a term appears on the word wall, I expect you to know what it means. Define it or research it, then write that information in your notes.
    E) When using the text, a good way to know if something is important is to recognize if it is in bold print. If it is, it usually indicates this is an important concept, and you will want to             write it in your notes. It is either a term that needs to be known or the main idea of a section. Use this to help you read the text.

2) Any information pulled from the web in class will be posted on my blog. This information will supplement what you learn in class. Check the site frequently for updates.

3) Review sheets, classwork, homework, and scans used on the smart board will be published to my File Cabinet. Check this frequently, as they will assist you in preparing for quizzes and tests. Any work missed due to absence will be found here.