Computers 1: C++

Course Description

The Computer I course introduces students to the field of computer science with the main focus on computer programming. The C ++ language will be studied utilizing IDEs/Compilers within a Windows environment.  Topics covered include history of computers and programming, primitive types, basic I/O, arithmetic operations, control statements, arrays, functions, file I/O, user defined data structures and classes/objects.  Students will be expected to write, debut, and run their own command line computer programs.



Chapter 1: What is Computer Science? What is a Computer? History of Computers and Programming

Chapter 2: Your First C++ Program

Chapter 3: Reserved Words, Variables, User Input, Arithmetic Operations, Casting

Chapter 4: Functions

Chapter 5: Control Structures and Relational/Logical Operators

Chapter 6: Arrays

Chapter 7: Strings

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