Parent and Guardian Important Information

All new forms must be filled out for :  September 2019-2020
Health Update information form for 2019 is needed for this school year.  These are handed out the first few days of school,  please fill them out and return to nurse ASAP.   Please remember to read all parts of the form, parent signature with teacher name is needed.  Thank you.
If your child takes medication at school a new medication form must be filled out every school year. You may get the forms from the Nurse's office.   Dr. order is required along with parent or guardian signature.

Please remember:   "NO CHILD MAY BRING MEDICATION TO SCHOOL ESPECIALLY ON THE BUS."   THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP IN THIS MATTER. This would include cough drops, we must have a note stating from you when to give the cough drop with your signature.  Thank you for your help in this matter.

If your child has Asthma, an asthma action form is required.   You may get the form from the nurse's office or please see below to download the AA form.   Physician signs and parent must sign at the bottom of this form. 
 If your child has diabetes or a fragile condition,  new forms are to be filled out with the nurse yearly.    It is highly recommended that you meet with the nurse prior to the new school year. 

If your child  has an allergy please inform your nurse and teacher asap.  Thank you.

If your child has an injury and they come to school with a bandage, sling, cast, brace or a protective device, they must have a doctor note to be in school.  This is for your child's protection as well as the other students. Also the doctor must indicate when the next appointment will be made and when to return to activities.

No medication can be brought in by the student.  It must be in the original container with student's name, dose , time to give.  This is not the doctor order it is a script to say who the medication belongs to only. A doctor order must be provided in order for medication to be given in school.  Please see nurse's office for any form you may need for medications.   Parent or guardian may bring student's medication to the nurse along with doctor order and parent permission signature. 

Thank you for all your help in the above matter and call anytime if you have any questions.
Mrs. Ewing, School Nurse,RN, BA,CSN

856- 358-6761 ext 4772

Fax # 856-358-7550
Elmer School

Tracie Ewing,
Sep 3, 2018, 2:19 PM