news: Just for your information:

  " NJ law requires a medical examination of each new student coming into our district from out of state."  Please see your physician and schedule an appointment.  If your child has not had a physical and lives in New Jersey they will need to have one prior to the start of school.

 Please remind your children to wear their helmets when riding bikes. (Elmer Elementary School Students are not permitted to ride bikes to school.)
 Signs and symptoms of concussion can be found in the nurse's office or go to this web site: 

Signs and Symptoms of Pink Eye: Pink Eye

A student may not be permitted in school without a Doctor's Note for a wrap, sling, cast, crutches, brace or anything that would restrict movement.  This is for the safety of the student as well as the other students.  If they have a doctor's note to attend school but "no gym" then they would not be able to attend recess due to the chances of re-injury.
 *Important information*
Flu News:  Please consult your physician for flu-vaccines.
Please have your child cover their cough with the inside of the arm. Please use soap and water to wash hands. If soap is not available, than hand sanitizer is the best thing. When sneezing cover mouth and nose with a tissue and wash hands. 
Thank you parents and guardians for taking care of your children during flu season. Remember to keep your child home if they have symptoms of illness.  Do not send them to school if they have a temperature 100 or above or ill.    It is recommended to have your child stay home at least 24 hours from their last fever.(Fever should be gone without the help of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours.)  
Please keep your child home if they have vomiting or loose bowel movements and it has not been 24hours since last episode. This helps to keep our school free of flu and viruses.

IT is time to keep an eye on your child's hair, please check for nits or lice periodically.  Please encourage no sharing of combs, brushes, hats or helmets.

Thank you so much for all your help in keeping your child home and our school healthy.
Medication alert: Do not give ASPIRIN to children 18 years or younger if illness is suspected, due to the risk of Reye Syndrome.  Please consult your physician prior to giving any medication.